Who is SpiderWebDev?

The SWD team collectively enjoy over 30 years of experience in developing website code, data management and design. They always say necessity is the mother of invention and that's absolutely the case here. I have been creating websites and working online databases since the early 90's. It was always just for fun, and at that time computers for me represented the future. Over the years I've kept my hands in what was new and cutting edge. In my career, I always maintained sites for my companies. First in aviation, then my science equipment store, and by a strange path, Spider Climbing Magnetic Climbing Systems. And so we come full circle, because that's where I found the necessity to try and help my customers in the entertainment industry understand and develop their company websites. Over the last 10 years my circle of clientle has grown to the point where it become a full-time passion. We don't have to speak to our success at Spider Web Development, our clients do that loud and clear. As a result, We have developed a process that has proven itself over and over again, all across the country.

Unlike other web developers, when you partner with SWD you can count on the fact that we will tell you everthing you need and want to know about your project, and how things work. If you want to do it yourself; Amen to that. We'll tell you anything you want to know about coding, best practices and just plain good advice for free. If want us to do it then We'll charge you... Try getting that kind of support from any other web developer. Our business has been based on that concept from the start and it has served me well. We love it when a new client comes to me for their first website or maybe it's been a long road of dissatisfaction with other companies and they're just looking for a little truth and character. When the project is complete, they leave us knowing they can handle it themselves if they like, but they always know they can turn to SWD if they hit a rough patch.

Who We Are

Our Clients

Our clients deserve the truth and the upmost integrity at all times, even if it's not good news. When it's time to explain how things work, how something is done, it's our job to make sure they get the answers straight up.

What we do


SWD has enjoyed great success when it comes to a steady business stream. We start client projects based on when they contacted us. We do have a waiting list, but we tend to keep up with it in a timely fashion. We do not give client job priority by their ability pay, but rather because it's their turn. Large or small it doesn't matter. Support for existing clients is handled on a per incident basis, and it is our goal to solve those types of issues as quickly as possible. We know our business affects your business. Downtime is not taken lightly.

Our Sponsors


SWD is a proud sponsor of the SIOTO and Event Professionals Aliance. If you are in the party rental business these are resources you need to take advantage of. Visit SIOTO or Events Professional Alliance Tell'em Spider sent you!

Our Team

  • Dave Barnes
    Web Developer

    Dancing faster than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest!

  • Joseph Lamphear
    Digital Artist | Web Developer

    Driven to succeed, Joseph has a wide range of multi-media skilld including web development and audio/visual design.

  • Juan Martin
    Web Developer

    Juan is unbelievably talented. Top shelf graphic designer, responsive coding specialist, and mobile media production.