Client Support Information


If you're looking at this page, then something's up that you need taken care of as soon as possible. All of our clients are very important to us, and when something isn't right, we want to know about it. At SWD we are known for our great customer support and that means we respond as soon as we can so any issues can be resolved as quickly as possible. Here you'll find info that will assist you with getting your issue taken care of.


What to do when you find a problem

 When you need tech support on your website, please note you can call us directly at (989) 786-9800 Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. This is our regular office hours and someone we'll answer if we're not on the line with someone else. If you have to leave a message, know we will respond the same day unless the call is after hours. And even then, we might still get right back to you, as our production work is always going on and if one of us sees the voicemail we'll get back to you. Otherwise, expect a call next day.


How you can expedite the process

For the fastest service, use email! Include the following:

  1. Make sure to send your website address
  2. Try to describe as best you can what you see as the issue. We know you're not a developer, but the more info you can give, the faster we can jump in to take a look.
  3. Send a screenshot if applicable, so we can see what you see. Sometimes issues can be tough to troubleshoot when it is related to browser caching, browser type, or device. If we know what browser you're using, and device, we can use our developer tools to see the issue in the same environment.
  4. If you're using rental reservation software, let us know which platform you're on ( Event Rental Systems, InflatableOffice, etc.) The developer that may be ready to fix your issue may not be the same one who built your site and knows all about you.
  5. If you do email us, be sure to let us know when the best time is to get back to you if you need a call back.


Don't try to get Tech Support on Social Media

While SWD is active on Facebook and Instagram, we do not monitor those platforms and posts on a regular basis. Calling or email will get your fastest response.


If you're looking for help with Google:

If you're just looking for help with something that's going on with Google Analytics, Ads, or Google Business, please schedule a consultation. We can not access your Google account information without 2 step verification being completed. So we do not do analytics reviews, Google Ads reviews, or Google Business troubleshooting without you being part of the process. When you schedule a consultation we can get together with you in an online meeting, get signed into your account and review data, answer questions, and help with solutions and strategies for improvements.


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